SxSW – Lady Gaga – Keeping Austin Weird

Happened to be looking at twitter this morning and came across a tweet about Lady Gaga performing at Stubbs BBQ. Her being “roasted” on a spit with someone spreading some kind of sauce on her is one thing but having another drink some colored liquid and then vomiting on her is quite another. I felt we were getting into areas of debauchery (aka Weird) in Austin many years ago, especially while my wife and I were driving a cab and working a lot on East Sixth Street. From public drunkeness (intoxication does not adequately describe it), to fights, to people urinating in public, the things we both witnessed were enough to make you wonder where society was headed. Don’t get me wrong – Lubbock, being a college town and having its own entertainment district has its share of public intoxication and the accompanying antics of young people. But, promoting such activities isn’t seen or extolled by the local media. When people here find out that I am from Austin, originally, the remarks vary from “what brings you to Lubbock” or, “Oh, that’s the Weird place”.

I simply cannot understand the “weird” mentality. Being out of step with the rest of the world is one thing, promoting it and being proud of it is another. Vomiting on another person on stage and trying to pass it off as “entertainment” is yet another. Wonder what’s next.